Organize your archive, reduce your footprint


Optimise your archive storage, reduce your footprint 

While the world is becoming more and more digital in its daily operations, it remains vital to preserve existing and new documents in a safe and structured way. In a world in which natural resources and space are scarce assets it is vital to think about efficient use of every single square feet available. Did you know that you could reduce your archive storage space by up to 75%? Less space used for storage means a decrease in costs per square feet and a substantial positive impact on your footprint.

Archive storage

The way of archive storage changes, so should your storage systems 

The daily use of archive shelving is changing. More departments combine their archive and storage needs in one central store. Our future proof systems ensure that your items or documents stored can only be accessed by authorised users by using our Bruynzeel Control Master app. Ensuring GDPR compliance whilst keeping your items and people safe at all times. 

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Centralized storage

Centralised storage = centralised knowledge 

Collaborations in preserving knowledge by combining archive storage in a central facility is a perfect way to share valuable resources and use space in the most efficient way. Our experts will be pleased to inspire you with projects implemented all over the world. 

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Who we are? We are:

Who we are? we are:

  • Your guiding hand to help you maintain the archive of the future 
    •   Your advisor in organising your space in the best possible way
    •   A collaborative partner during the whole process, from planning to design to installation and service 
    •   An advisor for your concerns regarding safety for your items and users
    •   Your source of inspiration with over 70+ years´ experience worldwide
    •   The world’s most environmentally friendly provider of space creating solutions
    •   That one resource in your project team that you can always call 
Schiphol Lost and Found, The Netherlands

Schiphol Lost and Found, The Netherlands

More space, more visibility

Yearly almost 50.000 items get lost at the airport. From bank cards to laptops. These items take up a lot of space. With Bruynzeel's new mobile archive storage solutions the airport can easily manage and store passenger's lost items.

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Greif Inkasso, Germany

Greif Inkasso, Germany

Maximum efficiency

Maximum efficiency is one of Greif Inkasso's main pillars. The German company has large numbers of files. By using static shelving, all files are well organised, immediately accessible to all employees while taking up little space.

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