Organized storage that saves space and increases productivity

Organized, Efficient Storage for your entire operation
Our automotive storage solutions will keep you organized, efficient and effectively utilize space within your dealership, repair shop, or quick lube/oil change operation. From the business offices to the parts and service departments, we have provided solutions to many different automotive businesses utilizing our broad breadth of products. Our solutions for both storage and organization have included:

  • Service and warranty folders
  • Large and small parts storage
  • Tool crib storage
  • Tires and battery storage
  • Layout and design work for an efficient and cost effective parts department
  • Multi-tier shelving and mezzanines to take advantage of larger vertical space that otherwise went unclaimed
We have large and small customers such as distribution centers, overstock parts and regional fulfillment centers, and even the smaller 1-3 bay service garages. RDT Bruynzeel Storage Systems’ automotive division has helped the smaller, 1-3 bay operations open up to expand to a 4th or 5th bay by utilizing the products and design services.

In addition to our products, we have also provided inventory services that will come on-site and audit your inventory with certified reports showing your counts, surpluses, and deficiencies and we will help provide solutions to rectify any discrepancies. As part of our design service, we can look at utilizing a wide range of storage solutions including vertical lifts, mobile racks, modular drawers, and specialized shelving. We can work with an existing contractor or architect for new construction or work with your business manager, parts manager, and service manager for existing operations.

RDT Bruynzeel Storage Systems will pledge to provide the products and services that will have you running more efficiently in no time.

Applications within the Automotive Market


Parts Departments

RDT Bruynzeel Storage Systems can provide the products and design services that will help your parts department run as efficiently as any other aspect of your business. We can help reduce or eliminate slow parts response times or a lack of organization within your parts department. Your parts department should operate as a profit center for your business.

RDT Bruynzeel Storage Systems will help you design and outfit your new parts department by simply asking if you are you turning away customers because a part or accessory is not in stock or cannot be located? Do you have a problem with excessive capital tied up in obsolete or slow-moving inventory? Are your technicians waiting at the counter for needed parts instead of finishing a repair? Does your Parts Department show inconsistent inventory turns? Or does your Parts Department produce unsatisfactory payback? Our modular drawers, wide span shelving, tire rack, high density storage, cabinets and casework, and clip style shelving can assist you in improving your efficiency.


Service Departments

RDT Bruynzeel Storage Systems can provide the products that will help your Service Departments maximize your CSI (Customer Service Index) and allowing it to be higher than the industry standard. Through the use of quality benches and drawers along with the right combination of well-placed storage units RDT Concepts can greatly increase service efficiency. Our design and implementation will help you choose from tech benches made from heavy duty 12 guage steel, transmission tear-down benches, top quality workbenches, storage cabinets and carts. All of these can improve our efficiency and allow you to work more customers into the daily schedule.


Business Office/ Marketing/Archives

RDT Bruynzeel Storage Systems can help you maintain the efficiency in the business office that you are expecting in your Service and Parts departments. Disorganized filing systems, lost warranty claims, and even misfiled contracts can cost both money and customer trust. Our products are uniquely designed to fit archival storage boxes, pendaflex folders, side tab folders, and can maximize your storage space without taking away from valuable dealership real-estate. We offer high density storage, lateral and linear storage systems, rotary filing system, drawer units, and stationary shelving that includes box shelving.


Body Shop Areas

An area that is often overlooked but still requires a fair amount of both specialty and record storage is the Auto Body Shop. Our large selection of automotive storage for the repair products for auto body & general automotive repair includes some of the highest quality shelves, cabinets, drawers, and bin shelving. We even have a secure storage for the important pieces or general storage solutions for common areas.

Our professional level of design and products can assist your business whether you are a 10-bay shop or a 1-man restorer. Mezzanines, pallet racking, wide span shelving, and specialty cabinets are just some of what RDT Concepts can offer.


Distribution Centers

Distribution and warehousing is the efficient movement of excess inventory and spare parts within a geographic region or a dealership family. The proper storage and layout will maximize the larger areas which will cut down on the overhead such as freight transportation, handling, protective packaging, inventory control, order processing and customer service. RDT Bruynzeel Storage Systems’ design and products bring stored goods to the operations that need them in a timely manner by eliminating time spent walking and searching for the required item.

Our products include mezzanines, high density storage, wide span shelving, pallet racking, shipping tables, carousels, and wire caging.