Working for a healthy planet


‘Creating space for a healthy planet’; that is the mission of Bruynzeel. Sounds good, doesn't it? And even better: we make it come true 100%. Because with our space-creating solutions we ensure that our customers reduce their footprint. How? The short answer: by applying the greenest production methods and raw materials in combination with designing spaces as efficiently as possible.

We could talk about that for hours, but enough about us. Now over to you. Do you want to create space for personal development, do you feel like being challenged and do you have ideas to make Bruynzeel a footprint reduction company? Good. Then you fit in at Bruynzeel. Read on quickly.


Benefits of Bruynzeel as an employer

  1. We have both worlds; we are a global player, and we have an SME atmosphere; we know each other, jump in when necessary and the involvement is big.
  2. You have a high degree of independence and determine yourself how you set your priorities and how you shape and design your work.
  3. We think it is important that you continue to learn, that you remain curious, look for what you like and discover all your possibilities.
  4. Although every day is different, we also understand if you want to switch jobs at a certain moment. We offer that possibility. Many have set that example before you.


Strategic Sales Executive - South-East region

40 h Home office (US)
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