Bruynzeel Storage Systems business concept

How it is all interconnected

Our aim is to be the best in what we do. The best in providing space saving storage solutions that create space and contribute to a sustainable planet. Our values, code of conduct and rules for corporate governance set the principles by which we conduct business and, in doing so, create the framework for our operations.

Through our business strategy we aim to be the leading provider of space saving storage solutions across all our markets and different customer segments. Our focus on operational excellence, innovation, geographic and segment expansion and communications enables us to achieve our goals.

Our leadership team sets inspirational goals, motivating our employees to stretch themselves and reach ambitious new targets. Our leaders are the link between the definition of our strategic objectives and the actions needed to get there. Our people, our most important asset, are the driving force behind our success.

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Business concept - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

To be the world leader in space saving storage solutions that create space and contribute to a sustainable planet. We create space.

Business concept

We see ourselves not only as a supplier of storage systems, we see ourselves as a facilitator to the efficient use of natural resources and optimizer of space for our customers. We achieve this through our innovation programme based on the three pillars of Creativity, Functionality and Sustainability.

Corporate strategy

1. Operational Excellence
2. Innovation
a. Creativity
b. Functionality
c. Sustainability
3. Geographical/Segment expansion
4. Communications


We want to build a high-performance culture in our business environment through our shared values and targetoriented leadership. We rely on our leaders to enable us to achieve our targets. It also ensures that we make use of the strength of the organisation, drive developments in the right direction, maintain the momentum and correctly allocate our resources.


Action ensures that our strategies are implemented and our ongoing activities defined and continuously followed up. These can take form of, for example; plans for growth, portfolio development, operational efficiency, talent management and innovation initiatives. We will continuously challenge ourselves to ensure we are on the way to becoming a world leader in our market.

Corporate strategy

Our strategic objective is to be the world’s best and the world’s most environment friendly provider of space saving storage solutions. We achieve this by designing our products tailored to the current and future needs of our customers. We will achieve this by developing a high performance sales organisation and actively uphold an exceptional innovation pipeline to accelerate commercial development.

Our growth strategy is based on the following drivers:

Operational excellence

Relentless in our desire to satisfy and create value for our customers, we make it a priority to continuously improve our operational performance. We must maintain the best capabilities to deliver what our customers need. Continuous improvement is in the DNA of our organisation.

It’s about having the mind-set to deliver fast, flexible and tailored customer solutions that are flawlessly executed first time right and uphold the superior quality that Bruynzeel has become known for. The business environment is changing fast and we must be able to adapt to the changing needs of our customers and the environment in which they operate. Many years of expertise and a great team spirit are the anchors and bases to support our customers through our day-to-day operations which is unique in handling and managing the small but also the very large projects. We continuously validate our project management to ensure a best in class performance.


Creativity: excellent product development and design are a priority for us throughout our segments. This includes focusing on material health and contemporary design and aesthetics.

Functionality:We want our products to help our customers achieve their goals. To do so, we put the customer at the centre of the table to define the funtionallity of our products. As a market leader, we set the standard in incorporating the latest technologies in our products and processes to make the lives of our customers easier and more enjoyable.

Sustainability: We are passionate about creating products not only through sustainable production processes, we insist on our products having a positive impact on the sustainability of our customers’ operation as well.


Geographical expansion: Our goal is to continue to expand the business to new geographical regions. Currently, Bruynzeel Storage Systems is expanding its activities in Asia, Pacific, Latin America and North America and has further plans for expansion in other regions in the coming years.

Segment expension: Bruynzeel Storage Systems is highly committed to further develop the Museum, Archive, and Library segment and to a continuous process of looking for new segments (e.g. Healthcare, Retail, OEM and others) in which our knowledge and experience can add value towards the future.


At Bruynzeel Storage Systems, we are committed to open and honest communication that enable us to achieve our strategic objectives. Accelerating a business means having to win the hearts and minds of a multitude of stakeholders, both internal and external. For these reasons, we believe that clear and open communication is one of the fundamental drivers of our long-term success.