Executive Board

Alexander Collot d'Escury

Alexander Collot d'Escury

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

After his study at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and IMD in Lausanne, and having worked over 16 years in various marketing, sales and leadership roles at Sara Lee and Nestlé (in The Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Hungary), he joined a MBO as CCO at Desso in 2007.

Desso was a global carpets- and artificial grass manufacturer- and installer. After turning CEO in 2012, he left Desso in 2015 when Desso was aquired by Tarkett SA (Euronext). Desso was seen as a global leader in Cradle2Cradle and Circulair Economy.

After Desso he became CEO of a European leader in Sportsnutrition, PrinsenBerning Group. He joined Bruynzeel as CEO in November 2019. Alexander is amongst others Boardmember at De Pont Museum (Tilburg, NL). He is married and has 3 children.

Bart Sijben

Bart Sijben

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

After his first experience in the storage industry during his study Mechanical Engineering, Bart Sijben has started his working career as an engineer at Bruynzeel Storage Systems.

After conducting different positions, including production and factory management Bart has spread his wings and gained experience in other factories in Europe within the group during different mergers and acquisitions. After 10 years working on Factory Automation and World Class manufacturing the next step was to expand this within Operations Management.

After he reinforced his skills by graduating from an Executive Master of Business Administration at TIAS Business School in 2014 he joined the Executive Board as Chief Operating Officer.

Koen Vermeulen

Koen Vermeulen

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Koen Vermeulen joined Bruynzeel in 2017 and has been appointed as CFO in January 2020.

As CFO Koen is responsible for Bruynzeel’s Finance and IT departments. Koen started his working career in auditing. After 5 years he moved to corporate business finance and worked for more than 15 years in international Finance management roles.

Koen is Chartered Accountant and holds a bachelor’s of science degree in Accountancy from Nivra-Nijenrode.

Patrick  Altena

Patrick Altena

Sales Manager Benelux & Germany

Patrick Altena is responsible for Bruynzeel’s sales activities in the Benelux and Germany.

Prior to his career at Bruynzeel which started in 2006 he first worked in sales and later managed sales and marketing teams. Patrick likes to think and work on a clear business strategy and translates that to specific goals and tasks for the organization.

In close cooperation with customers and together with his team he does what is necessary to stay market leader in the Benelux and strengthen Bruynzeel’s position in Germany

Bernd  Effenberger

Bernd Effenberger

Sales Manager France & Switzerland

Bernd Effenberger joined Bruynzeel to manage the French business in December 2012. He lead the German sales team in 2015 / 2016 and accepted the mission to lead the team in Switzerland as per last August. 

Bernd is an International, trilingual business development executive with solid management experiences in dynamic, technical orientated B2B environments.

Besides an own business he started in the late 90’s, he managed several French and German subsidiaries for various American and European companies and strongly improved profits and market shares.

Peter  Larsson

Peter Larsson

Sales Manager Scandinavia

In September 2012, Peter Larsson was appointed Managing Director with the operational responsibility for building up Bruynzeel’s Scandinavian organization after the merger of Constructor’s commercial division and Nordplan.

With a degree in mechanical engineering, Peter quickly ended up in sales organizations with responsibility for everything from technical development/support, marketing, sales management and business development with a focus in the material handling and energy industries.

The guiding principle is to offer customized solutions that create success through curiosity and close collaboration with the customer.

Archie  Waterston

Archie Waterston

Sales Manager UK

A graduate in Politics & Economics, Archie started his career in sales within the printing industry with Moore Paragon followed by sales management with Scotbyte Computer Supplies before leaving to invest in Lynch McQueen, a small office supplies and furniture business in 1994.

After 10 years of expansion Lynch McQueen was sold in 2004 to OfficeTeam stationers, where Archie was Scotland’s Sales & Operations Director before becoming Managing Director of OfficeTeam’s Print Management division in 2009.

Archie re-joined Paragon in 2012 as Commercial Manager before arriving at Bruynzeel in 2015 as Managing Director of the UK operation . 

Jasper  Hunnekens

Jasper Hunnekens

Group Marketing & Export Manager

With an Automotive Engineering background Jasper Hunnekens has started his working career at Bruynzeel Storage Systems in a semi-technical role over 15 years ago.

After conducting different positions including project management, it became clear that there was a clear ambition for business management. This ambition and feel for business management has been reinforcement by graduating from an Executive Master of Business Administration at TIAS Business School in 2013.

In his current role, Jasper is responsible for managing and expanding distribution network with the Export team as well as managing the Marketing / Product Management / Innovation department. 

Cynthia Bergen Henegouwen

Cynthia Bergen Henegouwen

Bruynzeel’s Group HR Manager

Cynthia Bergen Henegouwen serves as Bruynzeel’s Group HR Manager, bringing over 30 years of HR experience to the Bruynzeel team.

Prior to joining the company in September 2017, she managed the Human Resources function in mid-size to large companies in industries including wholesale, manufacturing, healthcare, and education.

Her areas of expertise include the translation of the business objectives into HR strategy, implementation, process optimization, reorganisation and people/management development. 

Our five core values that define us

Customer Focus

Our customers are our primary focus. Increasing the satisfaction of our customers, suppliers and stakeholders is our guiding principle. We listen to their needs, desires and demands and make every effort to meet their expectations. We want them to keep coming back and recommend us to others. They motivate us to develop successful and more creative solutions! On a daily basis, we maintain our customer focus by:
• No compromise on the quality of our products, solutions and service.
• Researching and fully understanding our selected markets.
• Using common sense and knowledge to support our customers effectively and efficiently.
• Sparking off new ideas through cooperation with architects and influencers in our markets.
• Working with our customers to build long-term partnerships for mutual benefits.
• Understanding how our business decisions will affect our customers.
• Delivering upon our promises and commitments.

We made our brand tag-line “We create space”, emphasizing the fact that we put our customers’ wishes at the centre of our operations and thinking – every second of the day.


We believe in long-term relationships with colleagues, customers and business partners. We are honest, open and direct in what we do and we support and help each other where necessary. We are responsible for our own actions and their consequences for our stakeholders and our environment. We ensure that all executives and employees uphold a sense of responsibility, fairness and high ethical standards, and always act in accordance with the law.

Expertise & Team play

Our aim is to bring innovative products to the market through the application of our knowledge and expertise. We encourage all our employees to use their expertise to deliver successful results. It is about finding the best solutions and ideas that will take us forward in the quickest possible time whilst continuously improving our skills and knowledge. Team work, helping each other, mutual respect, engagement, support and trust are principles which we value highly. These principles apply both in interactions with colleagues as well as in relationships with customers and stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a fundamental principle within Bruynzeel Storage Systems. It embraces our responsibility to people, profit and the planet. We continuously work to be the most environmentally friendly provider of space saving storage solutions. In everything we do, we focus on improving our Eco-Effectiveness and Eco-efficiency for us and our customers.

On a daily basis, we demonstrate our Corporate Social Responsibility by:
• Respecting the culture, customs and laws of the countries in which we operate.
• Only work with business partners that comply with our standards.
• Communicating in an open and honest way with all our stakeholders.
• Having the courage to express our opinions.
• Taking personal responsibility for our actions.
• Continuously work on our eco-effectiveness and reducing our footprint.
• Support the local community by investing in social initiatives.

Entrepreneurial spirit & winning mentality

We have a positive attitude, working together as a team to get the job done. We never give up. We are committed to do whatever it takes to find the best possible solution for every issue we face. We take ownership and make sure we follow through until the end. Entrepreneurs have courage, are adaptive, risk-taking and hungry for success. At Bruynzeel Storage Systems we believe everyone can develop their own entrepreneurial spirit. That is why we have made it a core value. We combine this with the value of winning mentality, because we expect our people to follow through on their best ideas and make them happen.