By listening to customers and conducting practical tests Bruynzeel has been able to create an optimal modular solution – Artwork shelving.

With various types of versatile modular shelves, uprights and accessories. The uprights in the Sysco® Open series are manufactured without fixed dividers for ultimate flexibility. The Sysco® uprights have fixed dividers so that objects cannot move between compartments.

Direct access

With an artwork shelving system you have direct access to your entire collection. The shelving can be accessible from one or both sides. Useful for storing objects of various sizes.

Organize your collection

Organize the artwork shelving system using both shelves and drawers in the same unit. Large, flat, deep or spill-proof drawers. The distance between the shelves can be easily adjusted to the needs of the objects. We will find a solution for your needs!

Modular archive shelving

Our highly configurable system is designed for expansion, adjusting compartment heights and adding doors and accessories.

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Sysco® shelving - Bruynzeel Storage Systems


Sysco® uprights and shelves create a strong shelving system. The modular system is available many sizes and have individually configurable compartments. Available with one or multiple sections and accessories.

Sysco® Open shelving - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Sysco® Open

Sysco® Open creates an open system, allowing optimum ventilation. The system enables you to store objects larger than the compartment size and create a clear overview of the objects that are stored.

Colour Chart - Bruynzeel Storage Systems


We have 13 standard colors, but can deliver any RAL color you need. Download the color chart below or contact one of our dealers.

Accessories - Bruynzeel Storage Systems


We have different accessories for different applications, take a look at our accessories-page to find out what we have to offer.

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