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Our healthcare storage is specifically designed for storing medical supplies. With its modern aesthetics, adjustable shelves and accessories our shelving is customizable to all your supplies.

Store your products safe and secure with our medical supply cabinets. Add lockable doors to our Sysco® shelving at any time. Guarantee extra safety and security with our space saving cabinets for medical supplies. By choosing mobile storage systems you will double your storage capacity!

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Modern aesthetics

Our shelving systems are 100% powder coated. The edges of the shelves are folded 3 times to prevent any kind of sharp edges.

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Safety & Security

Add lockable doors to our static shelving or opt for mobile shelving with its extensive safety and security features. Restrict access to authorized people only by using our built in RFID-reader and Dynamic II app.

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Increase storage capacity

Double your storage capacity by choosing high-density mobile storage systems. Use every squared cm/inch and reduce your storage room to just one aisle. Available in hand crank- or electronically driven.

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Healthcare Shelving

Sysco® shelving suitable for storing medical supplies in boxes, baskets or by themselves. Our shelving system is highly adaptable in size making it useful in any situation. 

Medical supply cabinets

Keep your medical supplies behind doors. Our Sysco® cabinets are based on our Sysco® shelving system. Take a look which cabinets could solve your storage challenge.

Space saving cabinets for medical supply

High density systems are great space savers, combining multiple racks with just one aisle. Increase your capacity instantly. The ideal solution for storing your medical supplies!

Companies we have helped with optimizing their health care storage

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