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Whether the cabinet is standing-alone or on a high-density storage system, with our diversity in types of doors, accessories and design panels, we can create the perfect solution for you. Metal storage cabinets with all the benefits of our modular Sysco® Shelving. Should your files and documents not be visible and accessible to everyone? Lockable metal storage cabinets are the answer!


Lock your files and documents behind doors, so it is not visible or accessible by everyone. Extra keys for multiple users can be supplied.

Aesthetically pleasing design

With 8 different wood-, 13 standard steel- and 7 standard glass designs our doors can create a cabinet that fits your office decor.

Product lifespan

Our coating process guarantees 100% powder coated cabinets. This protects the shelving from wear and tear.

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Sysco - Roller Front Doors Steel Cabinet - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Roller front doors

Roller front doors are used to turn a single Sysco® rack into a cabinet. In addition to a handle on the bottom, the roller doors are also equipped with an integrated handle in the middle. This allows you to open the door from a standing position.

Sysco® - Sliding Doors Steel Cabinet - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Sliding doors

With the help of sliding doors you can turn multiple Sysco® sections into one cabinet. We offer a set of 2 or 3 sliding doors for 2 or 3 sections. The sliding doors can be lockable and are available in wood, steel or glass.

Colour Chart - Bruynzeel Storage Systems


We have 13 standard colors, but can deliver any RAL color you need. Download the color chart below or contact one of our dealers.

Accessories - Bruynzeel Storage Systems


We have different accessories for different applications, take a look at our accessories-page to find out what we have to offer.

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