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You can choose to lease a Bruynzeel storage system, where you pay a fixed amount periodically without the need for any initial investment. Contact us for further details.



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A Bruynzeel storage system is a solid investment. With the right support, your system will remain in optimal condition for many years to come. For this reason, we offer various service contracts.
Bruynzeel Storage Systems provides several service contracts to maintain your system in optimal condition. The basis for each contract is our factory warranty. You can add to your level of cover by choosing one of our 2-, 3-, or 4-star service contracts. If you have specific requirements, our 5-star contract offers a bespoke service.
Service - Bruynzeel Storage Systems



This depends very much on the volume of technical work you can carry out yourself. In addition, it is important to assess the scale and scope of your system and its usage. This should take into account the frequency of access to the storage and how quickly you require support. If you’re purchasing a new system, we can advise you on options. Already own a Bruynzeel system? We can suggest the best options for the continued maintenance of your installation.


For all contracts, the standard call-out, labour and spare parts for the drive of the storage system are covered. The differences are in the response time, the free availability of upgrades and whether or not you require an annual inspection at no extra cost. The five-star contract allows the customer to make individual appointments for a tailored support package. Still undecided? Find our contact details using the link below.


Our standard warranty applies to all Bruynzeel systems for a minimum period of 12 months or longer if required by law. We provide a specific warranty of 20 years on the rails and wheels. The only condition of the warranty is that regular maintenance is carried out on the system, in accordance with the guidelines described in the instruction manual. You can choose to perform this maintenance in-house or outsource to Bruynzeel. A service contract is the easiest option to guarantee peace of mind.


Immediately after installation, our engineers will give a short introduction to the system, including loading. If you choose to maintain your system in-house, we recommend a full training course, to ensure that your staff have a good understanding of all aspects of the installation. The course provides an insight into the operation, the different settings and maintenance of your storage system. Contact us for a free quote.


With a Bruynzeel service contract you can be sure that your storage system will be checked on a regular basis. Tests are carried out in order to maintain the functioning and the safety of the system. Necessary repairs are made at no extra cost.

For electronic systems, Bruynzeel ensures compliance with EN 15095 as part of any service agreement.

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Before a Bruynzeel storage system leaves the factory, every component undergoes a rigorous quality check. The system is then fitted on site by certified installers. In this way, we achieve the highest possible standards in terms of quality. However, over time parts can become worn or damaged through use, which is why we offer you the comfort of a number of different service contracts.