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Preserve your collection by using Bruynzeel’s storage system


Whilst the world is becoming more and more digital in their daily operations, it remains vital to preserve existing and new documents in a safe and structured way.


The smell of books and turning a page in a quiet space where you can hear a pin drop is a magical feeling. However, the library of today is so much more than that!


The role of retail is changing in a rapid pace. Shops are turning into experience centres and different sales models ask for different storage needs.


Healthcare is all about service and the wellbeing of patients. Every single process within any healthcare institution should contribute to that. So how can a efficient and space creating storage system help?


The role of the office changes. Nowadays employees commute their precious time between the office and home.

Vertical farming

How to feed the planet of the future? One of the key queries to resolve in a world where the population is growing, urbanization is no longer a trend but reality and space and natural resources are scarce.

Urban living

Over three million people move to cities each week and urbanization is expected to grow from 3,9 billion to 6,4 billion by 2050*. One of the key questions that arises is: “Where are all these people going to live?”

Smart warehouse

If there is one thing we can learn from the past couple of years, it is that supply chains and logistical processes are extremely fragile.