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When setting up an archive certain requirements need to be met. How can you optimally use the available storage space whilst meeting these requirements? For over 60 years Bruynzeel Storage Systems has helped top companies and local businesses all over the world optimizing storage spaces with archive storage systems.

Safety and security is of great importance when optimizing a storage space. Your storage and the people working in the archive should be safe and secured at all time. Our Compactus® Dynamic II series has latest technology safety & security features. So have a look at our space saving archive storage to see the features with video explanations!

Design - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Design advice

Designing your archive can be both difficult and frustrating. You have to take into account what items to store, how many items and the dimensions. Will the files or documents be stored in folders, boxes or a custom solution? Our specialized dealers can advise you on every aspect, creating the best solution for you.

Capacity - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Increase storage capacity

The ideal storage solution is dependent a several factors, like; what to store and the size of the storage space. We are confident that our space saving archive storage helps to increase your storage capacity up to 200%! If your storage space is high enough, even up to 400% with two-tier shelving. 

Special requirements - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Specific requirements

Bruynzeel has over 60 years of experience in designing archives with archive storage systems. Pillars, air conditioning tubes or a sloping roof in the storage space? These are very usual occurrences which we have perfect solutions for! Our dealers are happy to help find a solution that meets your special requirements.

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Sysco - Static archive shelving - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Archive shelving

Sysco® shelving suitable for storing items in boxes, crates or by themselves. Our shelving system is highly adaptable in size making it useful in any situation. 

Archive cabinets

Keep your documents behind lock and key. Our Sysco® cabinets are based on our Sysco® shelving system. Take a look which cabinets could solve your storage challenge.

Archive mobile shelving

High density systems are great space savers, combining multiple racks with just one aisle. Increase your capacity instantly. The ideal solution for your archive!

Companies we have helped creating space with our archive storage systems

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