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Why would I need the Safety Master?

The Safety Master ensures the safety of both users and objects. It prevents any movement of the storage system if a person or object is detected in an open aisle.

Where is the Safety Master located on the mobile system?

The Safety Master is integrated in the side of each front panel.

Does the Safety Master work in a system that is accessible from the front and the rear (dual access)?

Yes. In a system that is longer than 3 meters, the Safety Masters will be placed at both entrances of the aisle.

Are there any restrictions regarding the configuration of a storage system when having the Safety Master?
No, you can take full advantage of our highly configurable systems without limitations.
Does the Safety Master meet GDPR standards?
Yes, at Bruynzeel Storage Systems we take your personal data and privacy very seriously.
Will the Safety Master let me know in which aisle the person or object is detected in?
Yes, the Dynamic II user interface directs you to the aisle where the person or object is detected.
Does the system detect every object?

The Safety Master detects everything larger than an A5 (0,03 m2).

Will the Safety Master detect a person if they enter an aisle while its already closing?
Yes, the entry detection on the Safety Master actively monitors closing aisles and automatically stop the movement of the storage system.
How do the LED lights turn on when a person enters an aisle?

The Safety Master will only switch on the light where it’s needed for a programmable period of time. It activates the LED lighting, and remains on as long as presence of a person or object is detected.

Is the Safety Master available on the Compactus® Double Decker XTR?
Yes, depending on floor type the Safety Master can be configured to work on the bottom and top floor.
Is the Safety Master available in multiple colours?

The Safety Master is only available in black. We designed it to complement the Compactus® Dynamic II user interface, photocells and distance sensors.

The Safety Master is protruding from the front panel, what happens if someone hits it with a cart?
The Safety Master is mounted onto a leaf spring When force is applied to the unit itself, either by pressing down or bumping into it, the Safety Master retracts into the front panel.

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