Collection shelving

Collection Shelving

Sysco® shelving is suitable for storing your collection items in boxes, crates or by themselves. Our shelving system is highly adaptable in size, shape and interior, making it useful in any situation.


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Collection Safety

Our unoiled & non-galvanized shelves are completely powder coated, which creates a smooth all around surface. This prevents any kind of sharp edges that could cause damage to the stored items.

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Organise your collection

Organise your collection in a shelving system using both shelves and drawers in the same unit. Large, flat, deep or spill-proof drawers. The distance between the shelves can be easily adjusted to the needs of the objects. We will find a solution for your needs!

Product lifespan

Our coating process guarantees 100% powder coated shelves. This protects the shelving from wear and tear.