Document distribution is at the heart of every organization. Mailrooms for incoming and outgoing mail and informative materials require efficient and effective routing and distribution capabilities.


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INCREASE efficiency and productivity 

Flexibility within your mailroom distribution center and satellite stations affords your organization the ability to reconfigure space to accommodate changing requirements. A successful design is essential, as it will provide options intended to not only save money, but increase the efficiency of your mailroom personnel. 

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Incoming, outgoing, interoffice communication

RDT Bruynzeel Storage Systems specializes in designing mailrooms that adapt to the changing dynamics of your work flow. Our product offerings consist of a variety of products designed to increase sorting, routing and distribution capabilities within your organization e.g. sorting modules, mail delivery carts and accessories. . 

Design Services:

  • Ergonimic layouts
  • Environmental considerations
  • Installation of mail mail and satellite fulfillment stations
  • Security solutions, handling sensitive or confidential documentations

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